Panarese Group

Panarese Group has been on the market since 2012 of green coffee and cocoa producers at an international level. It was born as a family-run business, growing every year more and more thanks to the passion lavished in cultivation with natural and avant-garde methods, and with the sole objective of obtaining products with high quality standards.

Panarese Group product directly from Salcedo coffee plantation and cooperate with others regional plantation located in Huila, Tolima, Piedemonte Llanero and Antioquia. Panarese Group is a leader in production and export of origin coffees. The company guarantees that high quality coffee comes 100% from the Colombian regions of its production:

  • HUILA (Garzon) -> Altitude 1.200 – 1.650 m.a.m.s.l.;
  • TOLIMA (Planadas, Ataco, Ibague) -> Altitude 1.350 – 1.700 m.a.m.s.l.;
  • PIEDEMONTE LLANERO (La Salina, Sacama, Tamara, Nunchia) -> Altitude 1.200 – 1500 m.a.m.s.l.;
  • ANTIOQUIA (Apartadó, Turbo, Carepa y Necoclí) -> Altitude 5 – 1000 m.a.m.s.l.

A flagship and a source of pride both for these lands and for those who market and distribute their finished products made with our raw materials. What makes our coffee so special and incomparable? The geographical position, climate, altitude and our professionalism. A trademark that only mother nature can give.



Panarese Group produces high quality conventional and organic coffee and cocoa with international and regional authenticity certificates.

In the USA and Canada, organic products are regulated by a specific Federal Law, in force since 21 February 2001, known throughout the world with the acronym NOP (National Organic Program) and managed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and all operators in the coffee sector who intend to market organic products in the USA and Canada are therefore required to be certified in accordance with the NOP Regulation by organizations recognized for this purpose directly by the USDA.

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The EU organic logo was established in 2010 when organic farming has taken on a more prominent role in Europe and organic food is increasingly common on our tables. The EU organic logo provides a coherent visual identity to EU organic products. This makes it easier for consumers to identify organic products and helps farmers market them across the EU.

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At Panarese Group, we pay a lot of attention to fair trade. Our focus is to obtain as many certifications as possible in order to offer all the guarantees that can certify the great quality of our products. And that’s why we’ve added another trophy to our certification board: Faitrade

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UTZ Certified is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 that acts worldwide for the implementation of sustainable agricultural production of cocoa, coffee and tea.

The Program proposed by UTZ is very widespread internationally. Already in 2012, 13% of the world’s cocoa production (equivalent to 4.4 billion bars of chocolate) and 8% of the entire coffee crop (equivalent to 22.6 billion cups of coffee) were produced by UTZ certified farmers. and the UTZ logo is now widespread in 104 countries.

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The organization “Con Manos de Mujer”, established in 2009 in Guatemala, certifies that all women who work on the farms from which the coffee comes are treated equally and with respect. Furthermore, it certifies that the workers are treated with good economic conditions and a dignified lifestyle

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Our green coffee

Quality of the coffee

The quality of our coffee is Arabica, certainly the one that gives our green coffee a more intense aroma. In fact, the main difference with respect to the Robusta coffee blend is at the level of chromosomes: the Arabica one has 44 while the Robusta one has only 22.

The SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, has coined the term “Specialty” with which it indicates a scale that determines the sensory profile of the quality of green coffee. The scale provides a score from 0 to 100. Our coffee is higher than scale 82 because this varies in each batch, in each export and we have had batches of coffee with 85. We are really proud of this positioning which satisfies all the work done, thus rewarding an internationally recognized quality.


The quality of the service offered by Panarese Group does not stop only at cultivation, every aspect is in fact important and no step is neglected: even the packaging must be perfect because it must preserve the unique characteristics of our green coffee and our cocoa. Our products are packaged and shipped in Grain Pro bag. These particular types of pouches are made of high strength PE with excellent water and air barrier properties, designed to safely preserve agricultural products without the need for chemical fumigants.

For any type of requirement, our sales department will always be able to offer you the most appropriate solution to your requests and, where possible, to implement them. An example we can give you is the customization of the bags with your logo in order to brand the imported products.