GrainPro Bag

The Grain Pro Bag, also known as Super Grain Bag or SGB, allows you to protect the coffee in an extremely effective way during transport and storage operations. It is the main coffee deposit used all over the world, from the mountains of Guatemala to the heights of Sumatra and also reaching the [...]

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Colombia: the land of coffee

Colombia is made up of the district of the capital: Bogotá and 32 departments, each with its own capital. The terrain consists of flat coastal plains, central highlands, high Andes mountains, and eastern lowland plains. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountain massif (as big as Veneto) in northern Colombia. (17,000 [...]

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Panarese Group business relations

Panarese Group, being an international reality, manages commercial negotiations all over the world making itself appreciated for its strengths: excellent quality of its green coffee and cocoa; wide choice of quantities to order; speed of preparation in shipments; excellent management of paperwork; possibility of customizing the bags with your own logo; customer support [...]

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Panarese group manucafacturing process

Panarese Group has refined and improved over the years the processing techniques of its green coffee alongside the traditional aspect, handed down over the years, the most modern agricultural in order to professional work in full compliance with current regulations, as attested by our certifications, and of our luxuriant landsThe quality of the harvest [...]

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