The Grain Pro Bag, also known as Super Grain Bag or SGB, allows you to protect the coffee in an extremely effective way during transport and storage operations. It is the main coffee deposit used all over the world, from the mountains of Guatemala to the heights of Sumatra and also reaching the Ethiopian highlands.

They are gas-tight (airtight) storage bags made of lightweight, multi-layered plastic with a proprietary barrier that prevents the exchange of moisture and air. Grains, seeds, coffee and cocoa beans stored in an Ultra Hermetic are fresher, safer and healthier. Our bags are certified for the preservation of organic food and eliminate the need for fumigants or pesticides making them environmentally friendly. They are also reusable. SGB ​​are standard sack liners in jute or woven polypropylene

The zipper of the Grain Pro Bag

The Grain Pro Bag Zipper is your primary Ultra-Hermetic ™ solution for the safe storage of dry farm produce. Made of high strength PE with excellent water and air barrier properties, designed to safely preserve agricultural products without the need for chemical fumigants.

The Grain Pro Bag Zipper acts as an inner lining for jute bags and polypropylene bags. It features a two-way hermetic zipper. The goods can be stored for more than a year without the risk of moisture infiltration. Stops insect infestation and inhibits the growth of fungal contaminants without affecting the quality of the goods. It also preserves the germination rate of stored seeds..


Why did Panarese Group choose GrainPro Bags?

As it protects green coffee beans from quality loss and moisture damage.

Grain Pro bags allow for the highest quality storage and maintenance of aroma, freshness, color and taste for up to one year of storage.

This solution is available in two types, each with a different sealing method. The Grain Pro Bag zipper has a two-track zip closure, while the GrainPro Bag Twist & Tie requires a zip tie to be sealed. These airtight seals maintain a gas and moisture tight environment to protect green coffee beans.

This product is available in three sizes:

  1. Small – 15kg medium capacity, specially designed for coffee storage
  2. Medium – average capacity of 25-30 kg
  3. Large – average payload of 69 kg

Customization of the GrainPro Bag


At Panarese Group, in order to provide a 360 ° service to our customers, we offer the possibility to customize the Grain Pro Bags by applying your own logo. In this way your brand will also be extended to our excellent coffee quality. In this whole process from shipping to transport I will be with your brand.

How Grain Pro Bags are customized

Panarese Group is now a structured reality that makes use of talented collaborators and external companies for everything related to marketing and graphics. In fact, for the customization of the Grain Pro Bag, the graphic manager has the client company logo sent, creates the graphic rendering of the bag in 2 – 3 versions and sent for approval. Once the graphics have been confirmed, it will be sent to the company that makes the Grain Pro Bags, which will create the customized bags. Once the bags arrive at our warehouse, an e-mail will be sent to the customer with a photo of the customized final bags that will be used for bagging the green coffee

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