UTZ standard

UTZ is committed to creating a sustainable and vibrant coffee market. To come? Through an efficient certification and traceability program for a more responsible coffee production that meets the needs of both producers and markets.

UTZ certification answers two crucial questions: where does coffee come from and how was it produced? UTZ certified coffee is traceable from the producer to the roaster to the consumer.

Attention to the consumer

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding that their coffee be produced responsibly, with attention to people and the environment. This means an appropriate and modest use of fertilizers, pesticides, water and energy. It means children of coffee farmers sent to school rather than put to work. Farm workers are guaranteed decent labor rights, housing and health care. And farmers have the power to act like professionals and become better business men and women. Learn more about why sustainable coffee is better for the environment. All this, in addition to the same good taste, quality and price that consumers are used to. Together with the main players in the sector, including farmers, roasters and retailers, UTZ is committed to creating a sustainable and vibrant coffee market.

Standard UTZ

The green coffee and cocoa produced by Panarese Group are UTZ certified and therefore are produced according to the UTZ standard, which is guided by the principles of fairness and transparency. This helps us make the biggest difference possible in support of people, the planet and profit. The standard operates through two sets of guidelines: the code of conduct (which covers the growing and harvesting process) and the chain of custody (which covers products from the moment they leave the farm until they arrive on the shelves). These are:

  • Developed in close consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including a broad public consultation;
  • Based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization, which means they represent an internationally recognized set of guidelines, reflecting the latest agreements, research and expertise in sustainable agriculture;
  • UTZ is also a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards. Through ISEAL, we develop and review our codes in collaboration with other standards-setting organizations.

Code of Conduct

Each UTZ certified product is grown in accordance with the UTZ Code of Conduct, which sets out guidelines for

  • better cultivation methods;
  • better working conditions;
  • better care for nature and future generations.

To ensure compliance with the code, Panarese Group receives regular checks by independent auditors.

The approval translates into certification, which means that farmers can sell their products as UTZ certified and all sales are recorded in UTZ certified traceability systems: MultiTrace (for coffee) and Good Inside Portal (for cocoa and tea). The Code of Conduct is based on a model of continuous improvement by respecting all criteria relating to safety, farm management and record keeping, employees and environmental protection. The Code is reviewed and revised at least every five years.

The chain of custody

UTZ certification does not stop when the products leave the Panarese factors. In fact, all the individual steps that UTZ certified products make along the supply chain are monitored, following a specific chain of custody. It is a set of rules designed to provide an high level of assurance that the product comes from or refers to a UTZ certified source. Each stage of the journey is recorded in the Good Inside Portal or in the MultiTrace respectively, which means buyers and sellers know exactly how much product comes from UTZ certified farms. This helps ensure the highest levels of transparency along the entire supply chain. Panarese Group is proud to have this certification too.