Cultivation methods

Today, the coffee production is one of the most important and interesting operation, which is repeated periodically every year. This process is made up by different phases, each of which is important for the final product. Cultivation of coffee Cultivation of coffee is influenced, first of all, by climatic factors, in [...]

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Panarese Group well arrived SCA

In July 2021, the doors of our company literally opened wide in view of the tasting organized with tasters certified for the SCA. The event was prepared with the aim of disseminating and making the quality of our coffee grown with care, in full respect of the environment and of the certifications recognized [...]

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Colombia: home of the best coffee in the world

Colombia is one of the main exporters of coffee in the world and every year millions of people taste and savor the coffee grown in specific areas of the Colombian plateau. How is it possible that so many people are in love with this particular type of coffee? We will now try to [...]

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